Drunken Dragon BBQ


Heat 9/10

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Kanui Brew Co Porter, Organic Cider Vinegar, Roasted capsicum, Chipotle, 7 Pot Primo & Brainstrains, Batch 10 Honey Bourbon infused with Peach Habs and Peach Ghost Scorpions, Carolina Reaper, Honey, Onion, Garlic, SOY SAUCE, NZ Olive Oil, Paprika, Pepper, Chipotle Salt



Drunken Dragon is a superhot BBQ style sauce. Infused with Kainui Brew Porter and Batch 10 Honey Bourbon making this one drunk HOT AS BBQ sauce! Great for all you pitmasters out there and goes mean on burgers, wings, ribs and all smoked meats! Enjoy the smoky Drunken Dragons BURN!

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60ml, 125ml, 200ml