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Chilli Sauces Limited Edition SOLD OUT

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3 Limited edition hot sauces

1 x 125ml Deadly Sriracha Directors Cut: This sauce is the delicious lovechild of Al’s Laboratory’s Black Garlic Sriracha and Fire Dragon Chillies’ Deadly Hot Sauce.

This years’ collab, Deadly Sriracha The Directors Cut is the fourth incarnation of the sauce. The 21/22 season has produced some crazy hot peppers and some real flavour punches. It’s a slow burner that will creep up on you. 210 bottles produced all numbered.

1 x 125ml NZ Chilli Eating Champs 2022: One of the HOTTEST Champs sauces ever made!!! Packed full of BBMS, Bhutlahs, Primos, Brainstrains, Peach Ghost Scorpions, Reapers and Brazilian Ghosts and some 2M extract just to push it up a notch or 2! Only 100 bottles produced all numbered and made with our hottest chillies sun ripened in the Far North!!! 100 bottles produced all numbered.

1 x 50ml LOF Scoville Slammer: HERE”S JOHNNY!!!! Yes an exclusive for NZ and OZ only 50 bottles in this part of the World out of 1000. Get in quick these are worth official League of Fire points and come with 4 collectable cards of chilli eaters from around the Globe! Cheers Johnny and League of Fire. 1000 bottles produced
WARNING: This is seriously HOT so please consume with CAUTION!!!!!!

Perfect for superhot chilli enthusiasts and collectors! Once they are gone that’s it forever!!!!!


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Dimensions 7 × 15 × 20 cm

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