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Chilli Champs 2015

CHAMPION 2011: Daniel “the Chilli Annihilator” Naera, Hokianga
CHAMPION 2012: Dangerous Dave Adams, Auckland
CHAMPION 2013: Simon HELLFIRE Smith, Wellington
CHAMPIONS 2014: William “Chilli Willie” Austin, Kerry “The Killer” McGruddy, Auckland
CHAMPIONS 2015: Josh HOTTER Shotter, Rotorua

Fire Dragon Chillies Champs 2015

firedrogonchillies eating champs 2015 facebook event

Read the NZ Herald article HERE!

HEAT 1: Hallertau Chilli and Hop Fest, March 14th. CHAMP: MAGMA Martin Visser
HEAT 2: Dos Amigos, Mission Bay, 23rd April 8p…m CHAMP: Tim MORUGA Montgomerie
HEAT 3: LBQ, Wellington, April 25th ANZAC day 6pm CHAMP: JOLOKIA John Grant Mackie
HEAT 4: Champs at RA BAR: Jess “Chilli Fillie” Gardner and Kaddy Saidy
CHAMPS: Jess CHILLI FILLIE Gardner and Kaddy Saidy
HEAT 5: Fox and Ferret, CHCH, May 20th 8pm
HEAT 6: Brew Bar, Rotorua, May 23, 3pm
HEAT 7: Union Post, Ellerslie, 2pm
HEAT 8: Fox and Ferret, Palms, June 11, 8pm

The National FINAL will be at Sweat Shop Brew Bar, Sale St, Auckland July 18th, 4pm

2015 TOP 5
1st: Josh HOTTER Shotter, Rotorua
2nd: Chilli Willie Austin, Auckland
3rd Dangerous Dave Adams, Auckland
4th Arixx Habnero Hero Harris, Christchurch
5th Magma Martin Visser, South Africa

2015 MENU
1. TBSP Fire Dragon Chillies ‪#‎Deadly‬ sauce
2. Caballo 150,000 SHU
3. Habanero 250,000 SHU
4. Ghost Tequila 300,000 SHU
5. Peach Bhut Jolokia 500,000 SHU
6. Yellow 7 pot 800,000 SHU
7. Platter, ribs, wings and spoon of ‪#‎DragonsFury‬
8. Red Bhut Jolokia 1,000,000 SHU
9. Dried red bhut 1,000,000 SHU
10. Pizza slice with fresh/dried chilli plus placenta flakes
11. Dried Yellow Moruga 1.2m shu
12. Trinidad Butch T 1.4M SHU
13. Vodka shot w/ Reaper and Braz Ghost flakes
14. Choc Brazilian Ghost 1.4M SHU
15. Brainstrain 1.8M SHU
16. Dried Brainstrain 1.8m shu
17. Reaper B strain 1.9m shu
18. Reaper A strain fresh and dried 2m shu
19. Dried Douglah plus Dried Moruga 2m
20. Chilli Skewer w/ 4 chillies, Carolina Reaper A strain, Choc Brazilian Ghost, Yellow Scorpion Moruga, Reaper B strain

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2015 Finals

Interview with Josh and Willie just after the FINAL!

New HOTTEST Chilli Scoville Ratings:

No Name
1 Carolina Reaper 2,200,000
2 Trinidad Scorpian Moruga 2,009,231
3 Choc 7 pot/pod 1,853,936
4 Bhut Jolokia 1,578,548
5 TS Butch T 1,463,700
6 Naga Viper 1,382,118
7 7 pot/pod 1,291,800
8 Spanish Naga aka CPP Naga 1,200,000
9 Infinity 1,067,286
10 Dorset Naga 1,032,310

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