Cuisine Magazine – May 2011

some like it hot cuisine magazine nz

Some like it hot Clint Meyer is passionate about chillies – the hotter the better. After many years of travelling the world and, as he says, “eating lots and lots of hot chillies!” he returned to New Zealand and started growing them. In 2008, after observing that there was a gap in the market for hot chilli sauces, he moved to Northland and started producing his own Firedragon range. “Most of the chilli sauces on the market taste like vinegar or tomato,” he says. No such concessions exist in Clint’s offerings, designed to showcase the distinct flavours of different chillies. His heat scale ranges from the Sweet As sauce, suitable for those who prefer a slightly milder kick, to the R20-rated Dragons Fury, made from 80 per cent
pure Bhut Jolokia chillies. Powerful heat is clearly popular though – last year Dragons Fury sold out and fans had to wait until the new season to stock up on their fiery fix. Clint’s other projects include his just released chilli-infused Bhuty Dark Chocolate (made by Schoc Choc) and launching a Fiery Food festival.
Hot stuff indeed.

-Fiona Smith

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