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Family’s Hot Chilli Sauce Steams Up World Awards

A Hokianga family has a super-fire recipe for creating super hot chilli sauces.

Fire Dragon Chillies, established in 2008 by Clint Meyer, won the Ultra Hot division of the World Hot Sauce Awards with its Dragons Fury sauce.

The awards were held in the United States in July.

“I’m pretty stoked to come out on top against some of the best hot sauce producers in the world,” Meyer says.

The win comes after taking out the extra hot section last year with its sauce called Deadly.

Meyer uses organically grown chillis to create “New Zealand’s hottest sauces”. They come from various countries, including India, Trinidad and America.

“We can use the hottest red chillis that we can get our hands on”.

-Taken from Northern News on September 2, 2015, titled Family’s┬áHot Chilli Sauce Steams Up World Awards.