Raving Reviews

Can I just say that your Bhuty Dark Chocolate is up in the top ten taste experiences that I have ever had. I have had chilli chocolate before and always been a little disappointed…The after taste that you get from yours is just divine!!!! Just the right mixture of heat and deep cocoa!!! I will be buying more… Grate some over some eye fillet steak the other night and it was “O” for Oresome!
Corran (25/03/2013)

Fire Dragon Chilli sauces are such an amazing artisan product, I love the fact the Clint grows and also makes the sauces himself. You can really tell the time and care Clint puts into the product from a paddock to plate culture.
The chillies are small batch grown which allows for small batch sauces with a different fruitiness’ and intensity delivered from the chilli as the seasons pass. I always thoroughly enjoy getting the fresh batch of sauces through to taste and enjoy.
My favourite aspect of Fire Dragon Chilli sauces is the artisan mindset of no added extracts or colours, you are getting a 100% New Zealand grown handmade serious chilli sauce!
We use Fire Dragon Chilli sauces daily in our kitchen as they have an intensity of chilli flavour that you cannot get from your everyday run of the mill chillies. My two personal favourites which I always have at home ready for the BBQ are Bhuty Black Taniwha and Dragons fury.
– Chef Glen Taylor, Hummingbird Eatery, Wellington

As of may 14th 2012 this wonderful sauce known as DRAGONS FURY HOT SAUCE is the hottest all natural hot sauce I have tried. It comes from Fire Dragon Chillies in New Zealand. The sauce has a great scent and awesome flavor. This sauce is one of the best all natural sauces I have ever tried. For a lot of people it’s difficult to have fresh pods (peppers) and this sauce is one amazing substitute. As you can see in my video I take things to the extreme. This sauce was worth it. It has a great aftertaste.  The entire time you’re tasting the sauce it feels, tastes and burns just like a fresh pepper. The ingredients are only the best and made with local stuff. One reason they have such a great heat and taste is the sauces have a very high chilli content. I would rate this a 5 out of 5 all the way around.
Ted, The Fire Breathing Idiot

Both the “Deadly Chilli Sauce” and “Bhuty Black Taniwha” are listed as 10/10. All nice and hot! If you’re looking for a chilli pepper sauce with a bit, these will deliver. What I enjoyed about these sauce, aside from the taste, was the consistency. Many hot sauce are liquid-y, which is fine, but every now and then you want thick sauce that grips your food and fills in the nooks and crannies. These sauces look like they have been freshly processed from your own garden and barely strained. They’re nice and thick and strong on pepper flavour and heat.
Michael Hultquist,a review from

I am well impressed with the “deadly”.  Great flavour, the freshness gives you the march on the imported sauces, and to complement the flavour, the burn is substantial and lasts for a decent period.  Of course my partner thinks that my passion for hot sauces and hot food is bizarre, but as far as I am concerned she doesn’t know what she is missing and all the better that my sauce collection (kept in the beer fridge in the garage) is off limits to her and the kids!
I will be recommending your products to my group of insane friends who have a passion for hot!
Thanks once again and I note from your website that the “NZ Dragon’s Fury Special Reserve” is due sometime in 2010.  Obviously I am up for this!
Alex McKenzie, Wellington

Fire Dragon Deadly Chilli sauce is hotter than a Ralph swimsuit photo shoot in the Sahara Desert. Just about as tasty too! I cant get enough of it!
Jason Burt, Auckland

Yeeeeeeeee Haaaaaaaaa! These chilly sauce’s are exceptional. Every flavour has a unique taste. Highly recommended From my Chefs to give the kick in the food that needs it. Goes well with our “quesadilla”. That is a big seller. Well done Clint on a exceptional Product. And there you go.
Grey St Kitchen, Hamilton

Fire Dragon chilli sauce is hot, delicious and super flavoursome. It has an authentic Central American flavour and spices up all sorts of things… try it on baked beans!! Yum thanks heaps!
Rosie Zwart, Wellington

Fire Dragon Chillies sauces are SOOO good.  They are not only extremely hot but they also have an intense and delicious flavour which none of the other hot sauces on the market have that I have tried.  Flavour and extreme hotness, what more could you want in a chilli sauce.  Thanks Fire Dragon Chillies for such fantastic products.”
Kim Baird, Auckland

I especially love the Gourmet HOT sauce… it’s delicious! Thanks and keep up the great work!”
– Caroline, Auckland

Yeah brother this sauce is the BOMB! I have it with everything, nothing else compares. Keep up the good work.

Wow your Deadly is amazing. Not only is it super hot it’s got the depth of flavours to back it up. I hear your making a hotter version, I can’t wait.
Carlos, Auckland

Best chilli sauce I’ve had in my life. It blew my head off!!!!
Dan B, Auckland

Great Sauce. HOT and Pure Chilli Heaven!
Frazer, Christchurch

As with the traders of other products, top quality and fabulous HOT!!!!! Great flavour… not pretend Chilli here. Fabulous sauce, funky packaging and worth every cent A++++.
Anne Marie, Riwaka

I‘ve Been around the world, and the xxxxtra hot is the BEST Chilli Sauce I’ve ever Had. Sell this stuff in Canada We love it,
Thank you love and respect
Cj Schmidt, Ucluelet, Vancouver Is, B.C, Canada

Lock me up and throw away the keys FireDragonChilies coz I’m absolutely INSANE about the Blissful Pain your Deadly Sauce bestows upon me! *Drool*
Kaiwa, Wellington