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Smoky Dragon in all sizes! What size can you handle?

If you like your food HOT, you’ve come to the right place because all our sauces are packed with real chillies and are guaranteed to wake up those taste buds. All our chillies are grown organically in Aotearoa and only the finest make it into our sauce. We are 100% grown and produced in NZ. We have a wide range of chillies from all corners of the planet including the hottest there is the feared Trinidad Scorpian Morougas, Butch Ts, Bhut Jolokia, Naga Morich and Bih Jolokia. They are the main ingredient in our Deadly sauce and our even hotter DRAGONS FURY which is EXTREMELY HOT and must be used with CAUTION! I hope you enjoy our range of Fire Dragon Chilli sauces but be warned they are for REAL CHILLI LOVERS!!! Interview with Kevin Blakeman

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