What Are People Saying?

“If you want sauce that captures the exotic flavour and crazy blistering heat of the Bhut Jolokia Pepper no need to look any further than Dragon’s Fury!!! Definitely a MUST for any serious chilli lover and not for the faint hearted. Great job!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Ted Woolman, Wellington

“I had a couple of my chilli mad friends over last night, primarily to give the Dragon’s Fury a bit of a taste test. Despite your warnings we decided the best approach was to use the Fury as a dipping sauce with pieces of bread. Initially, the Fury is not too hot and is very tasty. In fact, we were talking about the great flavour and how we thought it might have been hotter…..when it KICKED and kick it does very well…just like a wild dragon would! We really enjoyed the way the heat keeps giving and giving! I have to say our partners found it very amusing.. but sadly were not game to try it.
After about 10 minutes our composure was restored and we agreed without much discussion that the FURY is one of the best. Certainly by far the best we have tasted out of NZ and better than imported US “firebombs” that we lined it up against. Well Done and we will certainly be ordering more!

Alex, Karori

“Hi Clint, tried the Fury now and love it. I’ve been a chef for 13 yrs now and started getting in to hot chillies about 10 years ago. I’ve travelled quite well over the world and when I eat Indian or Thai I always ask for it Extra Extra HOT! I never thought I’d find what I was looking for here in NZ. Keep up the fine work and if it gets any hotter I will be your guinea pig!”

Jontaine White, Nelson